Monday, 30 March 2009

A funny story about a 2 of clubs

It involves Me and Elly and it was quite humorous hopefully you'll find it quite entertaining and its not one of those 'You had to be there' moments.

We were playing Rummy (card game)

And Elly picked up the 2 of Clubs...

Ben: Has that card helped you?
Elly: Nah its just a safety card really (safety as in, to help her win another way from her current plan)
Ben: Safety card lol?
Elly: Yeah
Ben: That's good because I was worried what i'd do if a burglar came in but now i know to hind behind your safety card
Elly: LOL
Ben: If it floods will just hop on your safety card everthing will be fine. AHHH he's got a gun! get behind the safety card!

More lols happened but I have a fear of over kill!

On another note me and Elly are watching The Sex Education show vs Pornography did they really need to say 'This show contains scenes of a sexual nature and sexual references' if it didn't id be more likely to complain, also they just mentioned BLIND PORN. If you get the call to do blind porn, it cant be a good day in your life.
Agent: I've got you a job
Pornstar: Yeah, tell me more??
Agent: its paid, COUGH and for the blind COUGH
Pornstar: dies inside.

Thanks for reading :)

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