Sunday, 5 April 2009

April the 5th a day of wonderful things....maybe

So i'm currently sitting in the living room of my cousin's house with Elly, its the second time shes come to Lincoln with my family and well its just lovely :)
So lets talk Youtube,
In the month of March i gained well over 140 subscribers which got me past my goal of 500 and Im now at 610 as I write this, thats amazing! Im actually really pleased that, that many people would take the time and even find out about me, alot of this goes down to Barry Aldridge and TheLoveHateSociety which im very grateful for.
Im starting to get more hater's! I say more its the occasional one though, giving me abuse................... I LOVE IT!
The fact they think for atleast 10 minutes coming up with something witty is genius. Then I reply and they never have a comeback which to be honest upsets me slightly.

In other news I promised people that I'd vlog everyday this week which is very possible but the fact I can't be bothered and im a bit limited with material is a problem but we'll see what happens anyway. I also intend to finish the sharing series this month after a 6 month absence of that, people have probaly forgotten about it all.
Ok so i've got to go now and be part of the family chat.

Speak soon

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