Wednesday, 18 March 2009

1 year on.

It was my YouTube birthday yesterday, I was going to make a video but decided against the idea as I think those videos are sort of boring to watch and didn't really have the time or effort required to do it and make it look good. But I've got just over an hour before I have to get up for college as I have a free period first which is lovely.

So whats happened in my first year of been on YouTube well for those of you that don't know I'm going to summarise.
Well when I came to YouTube I didn't know what there was a community although Youstaged was what brought me in, I can't actually remember the day when I said im going to be a YouTuber maybe I never did.
But I joined Stickam and made a few friends on there and started developing subscribers which looking back is quite surprising because my videos were of a less than average quality and I don't know if those people watch me now.
I spoke to people a lot more such as Jade Darren Pav Jess Rory and so many more and all of them were so lovely :) and still are.
Because I wasn't in education I didn't have much to do in life, so made video's, I can safely say that if I didn't drop out of college then I wouldn't be on YouTube, but now I am back at college and enjoying it and can be on Youtube at the same time.
Things scuttled round to May and I went to my first gathering which i'll never forget it was so brilliant, I went to Jess' house and met Johnny and Spencer, who I wish I spoke to more! We travelled down to London and went to NSG's house, NSG is still the Youtuber I respect the most, mainly due to the fact he's the most honest Youtuber I've ever met, not to say that the others are all lier's! just that the thing that hits you with him is his personality been pure.
Anyway that was on a Saturday and on the Sunday I was featured! =O
The proudest moment of my time on the site, seeing my video on the front page.
A day i'll never forget when Johnny rang me to tell me and everyone saying well done down the phone! so amazing.

Then I went to more gatherings that were cool, Youstage rocked round where I got closer to lots more people and met some amazing ones, Georgie, Brooke, Tino, Myles Rory, Lewis and ahhhhh so many more that just made Youtube a place to treasure.
I had a bit of a moment at Youstage that I won't revisit and also had my 18th! which was soo cool, been with so many people that i'd met just that weekend all singing Happy Birthday etc is just =D

Admitedly after Youstage things went downhill for me a bit as far as Youtube was concerned I had college to keep me busy and become a concern. So took a break.

October brought the Chris Lomas gathering which was the last one I went to actually, I intend on going to 2 gathering's this year TheLoveHateSociety one and another I'm not sure about yet. The Lomas one was really good actually, I hung out with Dan a lot, who I dont know who reads this but he's cool. lol
Talked to more people and got to know people a lot better, met Jazza who I admire a lot. just lots of people that are so easy to talk to.

Since then I was quite inactive until February when I sort of stopped my 2 month break and made lots of videos at once. Im now on 530 subscribers and thank you to Barry and thelovehatesociety for getting me up to that 1000 is the next target, and i'd love to get it by the end of May, its possible I reckon. Lets see where Youtube takes me next.

Thank you for been part of my journey without Youtube I wouldn't have met you wierd internet types that I got addicted to. I was never like this, able to be more diverse and look at what people do from a different angle, I think the world should be forced to vlog it would be a better more open place.

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Barry Aldridge said...

Great entry looking back mate. It was a pleasure helping you out.

You are always great mate.