Saturday, 7 March 2009

Good Morning (if your reading this in a morning)

Sup dudes!
ill never say that ever again.
Yeah so today is Elly's Birthday! shes coming round later but in the meanwhile I'm going to talk about life.
So this last weeks been really good as far as college has been concerned I went the whole week without missing a lesson at college making my first ever 100% college week, now for a lot of people that's not that impressive but for anyone that knows me well, that's amazing for me! lol
College things are on the up, I handed in lots of coursework this week and I'm on top of the work I need to hand in this Friday. Things are looking up!

I've got some good videos for March in the pipeline and I'll film them when I find the time, I'm really enjoying life at the moment, a few weeks months ago I was quite low about things not getting up for college, not doing work, been generally unpleasant and giving people a bit of grief for no reason. But over the last month actually things have been good and for those of you that like Elly updates lol, things are amazingly good =D

In fact lets talk about me and females.
People often say, ooo I was in love with them, and at the time you believe you are because you are a bit naive, now I was one of those people, I'd tell someone that and myself believe it, but I wasn't. I liked girls a lot although never as much as I thought. But this time I've found a girl that I can just make happy and there's no stupid little high school issue's. I was always really shy, never really had time for women to be honest, id rather play football every weekend.

OK I started this at half 10, its now 13.15 lol and I'm continuing, I went downstairs to start the meal I'm doing for Elly tonight =D I'm such a nice boyfriend sometimes =D but she deserves it tbh.

Right I'm done. I could have wrote lots more in this blog but I shall save it for later :)

Speak soon

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