Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hello Again.

Remember this blog...?

So it's been a while hasn't it. It was the middle of January when I properly did a blog spoke about my feelings let things out. and Well the last 3 months this blogs been inactive, I check in everyday to look at the people I take an interest in and see if they've updated but as far as myself writing on here, i havent. I've have lots to talk about, but just haven't.

Right then you may or may not have been wondering whats been going on in my life, this blog is going to be quite long i think so bare with it you may just learn something.

So i'm going to start from January the 1st although I imagine ill have spoken about in previously but it was a while ago so im going to jog my memory aswell as yours.

So January, well it started off really well I had New Year in Lincoln with Elly and family and it was a lovely time had by all. Me and Elly went to London aswell, I was going to blog about it but ended up not doing as we didnt do anything although it was one of the best days out ive ever had with anyone. In the middle of January I did a mini rant about Youtube community and how it was falling apart etc, i've moved on from that, just to be clear, I no longer have a problem with anyone each to their own and people are and always have been free to do what they like, its just a website but its alot like High School people will know what I mean. Anyway that issue has gone.

I felt uninspired for abit, just didnt care gave up if you like. i had just over a month off then came back, made 3 videos and enjoyed editing them etc, was good funs, also I love making videos for thelovehatesociety I like a different audience and it gives me an objective plus its nice been on a channel with 6 people I respect and like :)

Lets talk about College so for those of you that don't know, last year I went to college and by the time we got to February I didnt enjoy it and wanted to leave, so did, i wasnt concentrating in classes basically gave up on education didnt really have a reason to be there choose the wrong subjects and to much going on elsewhere and my attendence was terrible
This year I went back within the first week met Elly who i've been with ever since and im in classes with people I actually like I can be myself abit more which is nice.
Recently I've let my attendence slip abit which is mainly because im to lazy to go in some days and dont like buses! lol also ive been ill recently had toothache but things built up and Im now on Dismissal, that basically means if i miss another lesson until easter then ill be asked to leave the college and banished forever never to return again, which would be shit. Sooo im not letting that happen, im focusing abit better and looking forward to been there to complete the year.
Also on the friday just gone I passed my Level 1 badminton coaching award which is really rather good =D

That sort of brings me to now, other things have happened but thats all I can think of at the moment.

Thank you to all of those people that help me with things when I get bugged about stupid things or just listen, and to all of those people from Youtube and Home life that ive fell out of touch with in the last few months im sorry, I'll be making an effort to talk to you all again soon, i hope you'll talk back =D

Speak Soon

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