Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its late, and I have a chest infection.

At this very moment it hurts to breath so sleeping is difficult so the blog has been activated!
I assume the last 5 words of the first sentence were said in a cheesy ITV game show kinda way for drama and comedy effect. This most likely hasn't happened, but I'll make it a life long goal to make it happen one day!

If you just read the first paragraph baffled, I have no idea why the dickens I just spoke about utter tosh there.

Anyway, just thought I'd fill your mind with a little Ben news.
College is going fine, although I won't be into till Thursday due to this rather annoying chest infection, I've actually had this for about 2 weeks, and decided that the doctor would have a better opinion than me saying 'I think I've got a chest infection' I was quite proud of the fact I thought that's what it was but disappointed when he gave me MORE tablets :(

I don't think I've been on tablets for a few months now, whether it be something basic for a headache or something to cure pain or illness. It's not fun. Although I've just had like a week off college for half term, I think I need a holiday away abroad or something. Just me and Elly in somewhere like the south of France with no worries. If you want to hook me up, get in touch!
I just looked up to see the Rugby on ITV or should I say the mud bath on ITV, it just looks stupid as you can't tell what teams which due to the amount of mud its that bad.

Current affairs chat
Wayne Bridge didn't shake John Terry's hand - Who cares now, its finished lets stop talking about it press :)
Earthquake in Chile - Isn't it amazing that the world is still in shock at an event which we know is possible in that part of the world. Obviously my thoughts go out to the 700+ people's families that have been killed due to the disaster.
BBC announce the Asian Network and 6Music to be dropped - Oh please, yes 600 people will become jobless and that's awful for them BUT these things happen. Even the BBC have money problems, the argument is that 'just sack Chris Moyles' yes great plan people, sack the biggest radio DJ of the past 10 years to solve the problem of money issues. The advantage that the Asian Network and 6Music give to niche markets and up and coming artists is priceless. But the BBC must know this so I assume they will just incorporate that into their other running stations.

That's covered everything important.

Right time to try again at the sleeping thing. Night folks x or good morning.


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