Sunday, 14 March 2010

I do feel.../How to stop the internet paedophiles!

that when I spend an entire day away from my laptop that I'm behind with all the things I normally do. I've got 3 blogs to keep updated with life, football and poker news. I check certain websites that mean something to me or keep me entertained I read up on strategies for poker and other blogs and watch things on Youtube and iplayer just to keep myself current really.

I didn't have a laptop until I was 17 so it's strange that now I do so much on it, whereas before obviously I had football to keep me more than entertained. I just find myself behind just because of how fast the world of the internet moves.

Yesterday I went to see the Lion King in London's West End with Elly and it was brilliant, exactly how you want to imagine it being. I met Gary as well for a couple of hours which was nice, someone who is so different from me but I connect so well with its nice :)
I also like that fact that despite Youtube videos not been part of my daily thinking any more that I can still stay in touch with him enough that we can meet for something to eat in London.

In other news I was reading the Daily Mirror on the way home on the train (first class XD) and read an article from a particular columnist who said the only way to stop internet paedophiles swarming around 'innocent' children online is to bring back the death penalty.  He drivelled on about that fact you can tell people 1000 times to be careful online and they won't listen because they get some kind of acceptance online but THE DEATH PENALTY. Don't be such a middle aged prick without any knowledge of what bringing back the death penalty would mean. A few of the reason's the government I believe haven't brought back the death penalty is that one, bringing it back would mean the 'serial killer' would return, you could kill 1000 people and know that you could only receive death once for all of the killings, not only that but people on the edge who want to die but don't know how to do it themselves etc would go out and kill someone because they know exactly what would happen to them. I don't think paedophiles should instantly get death, a form of torture would be more appropriate I think, making them realise exactly what they've done.
I believe the only way you control internet paedophiles.... shut down the internet completely shut it down and act like it never existed.
Obviously this will never happen which is exactly why things like the recent Facebook murder will only become more frequent, its just the world we live in now.

Anyway I'm glad I've written it down although I could have gone on forever


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