Saturday, 27 February 2010

Losing a sense of reality

Listening and watching a lot of news reports this morning they are leading with the story of Chelsea playing Manchester City at lunchtime due to the media reports surrounding Wayne Bridge and John Terry due to Terry's alleged!!! affair with the now ex girlfriend of Bridge. Now although the country have some what been pathetically gripped by this due to the implications of the World Cup this year and England's defensive 'worries'.

The next story Sky News BBC and ITV are going with is the Earthquake that took place in Chile overnight killing at least 73 people and has put over 50 countries on tsunami alert which could in total could surpass the problems that Haiti had. Our media continue to completely fuck around with world affairs and focus on something that will sell. It totally sums up how our media works at the moment. Never mind the world and life changing decisions and events the world experiences, but Terry and Bridge shaking hands which isn't really even an issue to the mainstream and in my mind will just happen as if any other game, Bridge won't look at him I assume he'll just do it like he's just part of an opposition line.

As a football fan and a massive football fan at that, I can understand the interest but to have it ahead of possible world devastation is obscene.

I might start doing more topical blog's as I've quite enjoyed getting angry lol

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