Monday, 29 March 2010


Lets hope this blog isn't as controversial as the last...
Well aren't Mondays just the slowest days of the week. I woke up late and when I do that I feel as if my day just won't go great. I had literally 5 minutes to get ready for college after I woke up and even then I was 15 minutes late into PE. A lesson which I literally did NOTHING in despite my attempts to get a quiz going. Mainly because I just love a good quiz.

For the first time since I left just over 2 months ago I was tempted to make a proper YouTube video. But then realised that if I did the people that give a shit, might not give a shit anymore as I seem to have an unwanted reputation to come and go from YouTube making a fuss along the way, although last time I stopped making videos I didn't really make a fuss at all. I wrote a blog, discussed it with a few people posted it on twitter. Bish Bash Bosh. I didn't make a video about it just left it be. But I know how people are so me making a video now, people would be like WOAH what a dick. So although I'm not that bothered about what people might think I don't really want the hate.
Although I know some people we be all like 'Do what you like' and 'I told you so'

I guess when I have a really good idea which I consider quite funny I want to express it. The other option is just to upload it to another/new channel. But I don't really see the point in that. It's certainly an option though.

It's funny that I could have produced atleast a video a week of decent quality with the ideas I've got/had but, they all go into the stand-up prep so atleast it's not wasted.

I've not played poker for over a week, doesn't sound that difficult I guess but its 1 week out of the 52 I intend not to play. Someone should bet me that I play, you'll most likely end up winning that bet.



P.S. What do we think of the new design?


Dom said...

I would advise that you make videos and post them as blog entries here. People can watch and comment and it'll make your blog more like a personalised site.

I tried it once but nobody cared. But then, nobody read my blog or followed me on twitter or anything.

Looks to me like you have a fanbase, people go to your blogtv shows. Even Efan Ekoku xD and people watch and comment your videos. You also have a fair number of subscribers. So I think you could probably make quite a success out of making your blog into your channel.

Also, there isn't the same pressure to make videos this way. You can get a vimeo account (because vimeo has a much better video player), upload your new videos to there and then embed them on to your blog.

Barry Aldridge said...

I cant wait to see your new videos if you decide to do them mate.

I agree with Dom that Wimeo is a good idea to use to upload videos.