Tuesday, 21 April 2009

21st of April NOT BEDA

Hi Guys!

Right then, I've got college in half an hour, well that's when I have to get ready. I hope your all doing well. Ive been with Elly 7 months today! Good times.

So lets talk YouTube, Its becoming more and more apparent that I'm the favourite member of thelovehatesociety not because I actually am, but because I make videos!! LOL someone actually left a comment on my last Thursday video saying 'Your on the verge of been my favourite' ON THE VERGE, its like this person has a league table with us all on and you gain points for making a video. Ive still got to get money together to go to the most organised Youtube gathering EVER.

I'm struggling on coming up with idea's for a new video, I'm not sure whether to do a sketch, a rant or something bigger like my featured video. I've got like lots of little ideas but nothing that i really want to use.

Moving on to talk about college.
Well wow, OK well things were going shit. My attendance was low I wasn't enjoying it one bit. This was 3 months ago. I got put on dismissal. And well now its great, I'm handing all my work in on time and getting things planned ready to hand in, in advance. It's wierd that I put myself in a position that I saw college as a chore not an experience, but recently I've flipped that round and I'm trying to enjoy everyday I'm there. Im really lucky actually mainly because in my lesson's there aren't those people that you'd have in High School sitting at the back been a complete twat, yeah you'd laugh along to fit in but think in the long run, shut the fuck up. I never really have a dull lesson, i dont really allow it. I don't no why I sort of feel as if in some lessons I should take it upon myself to make it more lively. I quite like been the funny one, it might be hard when im down one day.

So yes lifes good, infact thinking about it really good, its not been this positive for a few years, im quite looking forward to finishing off this year, but then again i've not done my exams yet.

Back on to a Youtube issue. The site changes have done nothing to anyone to be honest. I think YouTube noted the reaction and bottled in and put it all on hold. Also a Youtuber I look/looked up to has frustrated me recently, he talks about how he whats someone as like a 'Youtube Assistant' to read his personal messages etc, how up your own arse do you have to be to say that. If I was him i'd be thriving on reading peoples thoughts etc. Its not about managing time its about making that time worth while. This person went down in my estimation (If you clever you'll know straight away who this is)

We're so lazy as a country we always want things spoon feed to us, and that is a perfect example. Im not perfect I could do a lot more for myself and the people around me but it's about progression of be able to adjust.

Right im done i have to go to college now it's nice having a free first period though :)

Speak soon


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Tesni said...

Nice blog post today Benji :) You're my favourite LoveHateSociety member because you are the most entertaining and interesting to watch. I always look forward to your videos on both your personal channel and the LHS.

As for the Alex Day thing, I was a bit cross with him for the PA thing. I don't see how he can expect to have a relationship with his subscribers if he cba to read what they want to say. I wrote a PM to him the other day and was touched when he replied. To have him say he doesnt want to read them makes me feel like we aren't important to him, although I have always been really supportive of all his decisions. Bit pissed off now.

I miss college days, being in my 1st year of uni now. I'd love to go back to sixthform. I just really enjoyed it. To me, uni is much more stressful, isolating and although fun, memories from sixthform are far stronger to me than any ive had this year.

Congrats on 7 months :) Yay. I'm glad you're happy.

Also i think you are a great youtuber and person because you genuinely care about your subscribers and those who read your blog. Keep it up, and stay true to yourself.

Hope you make a new video soon and sorry this is so rambly.