Saturday, 11 April 2009

Saturday before Easter

Hello to those of you that still note that I have a blog :)

It's been a long time since I've written on here to be honest. Things have been going well with me though, I have successfully had a great few weeks at college although I'm currently on my Easter holiday which is the first holiday in a long time that i deserve! I worked my arse off during the last 2 months at college to get everything back on track. And it is. I'm alot more positive going into to exams soon than I would have been a few months ago.
For those of you that don't already know and have an interest i study Science, Sports Coaching, Media Studies and PE. All are good fun with lots of good people in :)

Things with Elly are going amazingly well, I'm just a happy bunny, I might make a video or just blog something about relationships soon I really don't know how comfortable I would be doing so.
I've lost so much in the last few years and gained only recently things I previously had, theres lots of things still missing, like my active role in Sport has decreased alot the fact I was doing something amazing for a year without anyone even knowing due to the fact I couldn't let them (far to complicated to explain).

I gained lots of new friends over the last few months friends that I wouldn't have come into contact with unless I'd made silly decision's in my past.
Although I believe its not about the decision's you make, and that its more what about what you do after the decision.
YouTube over the last few months has been going brilliantly.
For some people my subscriber count isn't alot, there's fine because to me it is!
In March I gained over 150 new subscribers and already in April im over 70. I find it quite funny that people used to say.. 'it takes a long time to gain a good number of subscribers' i used to think yes and you can say that because you have them, but they're right.

My Dad's just pissed me off, he can be so insentive making asumptions that just aren't fair! grrrrr nevermind.

Right so that's all, im ill at the moment which is a slight pain had a weird rough night.
Speak sooner rather than later im sure


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