Thursday, 15 January 2009

You'll have noticed.

My Youtube page is different all of a scary sudden.

I've not privated my videos just not made them harder to click on.

Im fed up, fed up with Youtube, everything in my life is fine, there's just this hanging pain in the backside.
People on this site are so fake, you fall for them at certain points, fall for there chat the way they act etc, its stupid. People at college just think Youtube is for mad Britney fans and music videos. And before i've tried to tell them all about our wonderful community and what we stand for. But, what community.
There isnt really one in my opinion. There's people that have met and developed friendship.
I can call a few people friends.

'a group of people living in a particular local area; "the team is drawn from all parts of the community" '

The definition of community there ^
Now we dont have a community we skipped a bit, we have a team drawn from people that have more subscribers than one person *who i wont name but if you know me you know who* if you dont have more subscribers than this person then actually, you dont matter apparantly.

I dont give a shit about subscribers. When i say that i dont mean, o people that subscriber are twats, i mean i dont care if i have 100,000 or 10 my videos would be the same. I try to entertain. People get so obsessed over how many they have etc. Why?
What can you do with subscribers? I can do more with a pound coin than I can with 394 subscribers.

If your subscribed to me you'll know that i'll leave you a message saying thank you, I do it for everyone that subscribe's. But because if they have the time to click a button, then i can press a few in thanks right?

People on Youtube need to look at who there trying to be and who they really are.


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Anonymous said...

You have nailed it here Ben, Both you and Davey have spoken up aswell as Jacob Dyer and I respect you for it. Spot on mate.

I like to think there is still a small community of "the other people" the ones who dont have more subscribers than that certian person. by community I mean comments are exchanged friendships develop and I mean REAL friendships not an elitest group intent on licking eachothers asses all day.

I respect you so much and I see that you respect your viewers also no matter how many you have!