Friday, 9 January 2009

9th January 2009 - Day 1 begins.

So in a recent video, I think it was the christmas one I promised to blog everyday of 2009, ok that didnt work out. As im starting on the 9th. But I will try do it everyday from now talking about things that happen in my day and things that are on my mind.

Im shit at it, i've got a Science exam next monday and well ill revise that morning and briefly the night before, only once my dad hsa taken my laptop away and ill have no choice but to revise.
If anyone has any tips on how to send me a message on here or Youtube, anything original would be worth while.

So We start thelovehatesociety soon, im looking forward to it all =D

Should be really good fun, the best part for me is that the people involved are all really lovely and people I can look up to on Youtube, im not sucking up to them all, i just think that they are all very nice people that for me make Youtube alot more friendly and worth while, the support we've had for the channel is really really good, if we can reach 1000 subscribers soon that'd amazing TBH!

Something that I want to do soon that i've wanted to do for a while is do a Jimmy0010 styled video (omg he privated lots of his videos this made me and my girlfriend very sad) a while back when he was breaking into Youtube fame he did a video, called Jimmy0010 the Documentery i think, and well i loved it. He did it in a very Ricky Gervais style something that I also try to copy something and well its something I also want to do. So expect that video maybe this weekend WHO KNOWS!

I just hope I can pull it off like he did.

Other video's I want to do are going to involve short sketches, (I know i've part 5 of the sharing series to upload but I cant upload something thats not been filmed yet, blame Jones.... and me)

Widescreen, ive not yet spoken about this as last month everyone in the world it seemed had an opinion on it and well. My opinion is that...
I dont know how to use it so in my view DOESNT MATTER. I dont really think that the bars on the side make a difference?
My videos arent in widescreen and this means my LoveHate videos wont be in widescreen, what a dissappoint that will be!

The first of many blogs I hope this year. Tune in for more.

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Speak Soon

Benjy x

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