Sunday, 11 January 2009

10th January 2009 - Saturday!

OK I'm going to bed after this, its 3am, i never stay up this late, well not for atleast 4 months! Its strange lol.

So today, I got up listened to Fighting Talk, filmed a video called, DoctorBenjy: The Man Behind the Camera. My dad thinks its funny, always a good start! lol

Hope that you enjoy it when I upload it tomorrow.
You'll be reading this on Sunday, it will be uploaded! GO TO go go go.

I went out tonight with the boysssss which was lovely, the came home and spoke to elly on the phone for about an hour. Up and Down call tbh, but we sorted everything that needed sorting but OMG, last night we had the same dream, just replacing ourselves with each other, Fooking wierd! SO :S at the time she was saying it was like OMG WTF i had this dream. Wierder because i told me dad about it a few hours earlier strange. I Love Her. let this be known. like you didnt know already :P
She doesnt read this so i can say what i like on it lol

Right best be off
Speak Soon

Benjy x

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