Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Long time no blog for me really, i've been having an illness bug for a while which ive still got the cough from which is a pain, but its slowly dieing, the cough not me!

I had a lovely New Year maybe my best and my first with Elly =D

She woke me up this morning which was lovely, not in a sexual way, IM NOT AN ANIMAL I slept downstairs cause im such a gent ;)

So this morning we are heading to Lincoln to have a big family do + Elly which is quite exciting, Good luck Elly as my family can be crazy at times but always sensible, they prove you dont need drink to have a good time.

Ill be home tomorrow but should be a good day with Daddies party games and all :P

Right I'll speak soon lots of amazing things are going to happen this year i can feel it!

Speak Soon

Hope you all have the year that your hoping for.

Love from Benjy x

And if i didnt wish you merry christmas, I hope you had a good day :)

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