Friday, 6 August 2010

I was going to do BEDA..

But as I'm on holiday I decided against it. Not that I'm very good at holidays in fact this year I've been terrible. The problem was that I brought my laptop to charge up my iPod for the 4 hour long car journeys through England, France and Belgium. I didn't expect to get free internet in Disneyland or here in Belgium but it just so turned out that I did, in both. Because GetFeaturedUK got a front page spotlight last Friday it was a bit like, 'I NEED TO SEE THINGS DEVELOP!' Oh and didn't they just, we got a barrage of expected and pointless hate which we just moderated and deleted so it was as if it never existed. Forget the hate though, 300/400 new subscribers about 200/250 positive comments and around 150 emails and messages about the project. I'd consider that Youtube a success. 
I few people found it ironic that the channel set up to bring back featuring was indeed featured. 
Not many people know but that wasn't luck... Youtube contacted us about 3 weeks ago with a proposition of maybe giving us a one off spotlight slot on the front page with a view to making it more regular, obviously we saw this as a huge compliment and opportunity to spread the word of Get Featured UK with the aim to promote as many people as possible on a  national stage. We replied with a few requests and many questions about the possibility and they invited us to Google HQ in London to discuss the matter further. We took them up on that and Gary met them about a week prior to the spotlight as me and Jack were unable to make the meet due to the timing of the meeting(not to mention my medical condition). The meet went well and we discussed various things such has getting it again in future months and other possible ventures. To sum up last Friday it went brilliantly well and are in talks to get it again.

I sore point for me was that we could only feature 5 of our 12 featured Youtubers on the front page. This wasn't totally our doing, we would have loved to have featured all 12 (Which is possible) but this wasn't viable for Youtube. We all know Youtube have copyright laws on footage and music. Some covers are even copyrighted because of the record companies coming down hard on Youtube. So if you were featured in July and didn't get that front page opportunity then I personally am sorry but there's nothing we could do.

That may not have needed clearing up but I just wanted to put it out there.

Now although I'm not taking part in BEDA I will make an effort to blog more during this month about what's going on. Things I've kinda got planned: Gary's coming to stay for a few days, me and Elly want to go to London, I'd love to take a boat out on the broads for a day. See a bunch of films such as Inception and the Karate Kid and finally get really good with a Diablo (picture)
I bought one the other day and haven't used one for about 10 years but I got the hang of it straight away, I can see myself getting pretty good then making an average video with it just being me and the Diablo. How romantic. 

Thanks for reading

Ben x

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Barry Aldridge said...

Really glad about GetFeaturedUK getting the spotlight.