Wednesday, 21 July 2010

In less than a month..

Get Featured UK has featured 9 Youtuber's of different talents and brilliance and showcased them to a new audience.
As of tonight it has over 2000 subscribers to it's name
Nearly 300 followers on Twitter
A Facebook page that we finally got the bloody URL for today
and a growing support which hasn't slowed down.

Each Youtuber that's been featured has felt an impact on their own subscriber number and views no matter how big that impact has been, whether it being KickThePJ or OtterPad, if they've 50 subscribers or 34 thousand Get Featured UK have shown them off.

I was featured in the August of 2008 which meant I was on the front page of Youtube for 3 days and I remember that initial buzz, I felt so proud that a video I'd made was being recognised and showcased. It was a video that meant a lot to me as I'd gained the desire to make it when my Grandpa died a month earlier. It's something I'm still proud of now.
          Now when Get Featured UK was formed I didn't want it to be 'New Youtube' or 'The Saviours' I wanted people to feel that same buzz that I felt, I wanted to make a difference to people on Youtube and inspire others to either make videos again or to keep making great videos to be proud of. Although we've only been going for a month I think we're doing that already. I had a HUGE fear that we'd get 10 subscribers and it wouldn't impact anyone, but we've had such name's as TristopiaTV, JerryHCooke, BarryAldridge, BillTVMacon, Lomasca, Alex Day and Charlieiscoollike help us out with promotion whether via Twitter or Youtube and the ball has really rolled. We're hoping to gain support from a few other people as wel to push the project along further. We also have promising news that we hope to announce soon which me, Gary and Jack are very excited about.

We already feel like we've achieved a lot but we equally think we can achieve a lot more.
We can't thank everyone enough, the people that have applied for the panel, the people that uploaded our initial video, the tweeters, the people that made their own videos about it, the people that have sent us videos and to the all people that have followed the growing success of GetFeaturedUK, from the bottom of my internet heart....

Thank you so much for making this work.


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