Friday, 20 August 2010

Test after Test

No the title isn't in reference to recent results as I've not actually received mine yet. But it's in reference to BLOOD TESTS (I have to have these so they can send me the dose for the week) an experience I'm pretty sure nobody normal enjoys. I can say I'm used to them now and the pain is pretty pain free because my arms become like a rock in that area, I've just been for my Friday appointment which means getting up and 7.20am and I've done that for the past few months.
I vowed to blog more in August well a couple of days after that post I woke up with a shocking pain in my leg, literally wake up...............................AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 
Ok Mum my leg really hurts
'Ok hospital?'
Nooo I assume it's cramp, give it half an hour...
Mum I need Dad take me to hospital like.. NOW.

So off I went, it wasn't particularly painful but it was the shock more than anything and it was like a huge strain to straighten my leg out, which isn't something I do a lot, e.g. it wasn't all that painful to walk but I knew it was there. Anyhow I went in and was told that I'd have a ultra sound on my leg (the same leg that's been the problem for 8 months) this was actually my first test on it, a small error by the hospital I feel but nevertheless its found now.. what's found Ben?? Well another clot has developed/being left behind. That's not good, the hospital now think that I am prone to clotting which means that I'll be on Warfarin for life (tablets). Which means I'll be having blood tests for life as well.

Now to say that to someone who's 60/70 isn't that hard for a Doctor I'm sure because it's probably quite common in that age, but for a Doctor to turn to me and start with the line, 'you're very young to have this happen to you' It's a bit of a * :( * moment and then for them to say, you'll be on Warfarin for life, well I walked out of the room and sat and cried for a couple of minutes.
1. the shock of being told is like 'ahhhhh fuck'
2. those words 'for life' at the age of 19, yeah that hurts just as much as the clots.

Anyway they kept me in over night and I was ok to leave the next morning although I had to have injections everyday for a week which have now results in really bad on my tummy :(

To sum up and not leave this on a bum not, I'm getting better, it's just taking longer than I'd like.

Thank you for all the supportive messages on twitter and the like, your support really does mean a lot, although its the case of nobody really understands.

Ben x

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