Monday, 5 July 2010

Get Featured UK


OK so on the 25th of June I pitched a concept to Gary (CheekTV) to have a blog which could help expose Youtube talent. The idea developed and developed, the original idea never intended to have a Youtube channel but I ended up thinking it would be the perfect base.
I've been part of a few collab channels (TheLoveHateSociety and RantTank) and under the guidance of Tino they both went well. They both slowly feel down. I think the reason is because you have to hope 5/7 people post videos on the day they're suppose to and if they forget it can throw it all up in the air so its difficult to manage.

Since my hospital experience I had a long time to think about where I was going and how I could change things for me and others. GetFeaturedUK (A name Jack Howard came up with) is exactly that; it can change things, not so much for me but for others!. I made it perfectly clear to Jack and Gary that I don't want to gain hundreds of subs for this. It's not about that, its about the people of Youtube. The makers and the viewers. As has been stated by a few people I firmly believe that Youtube's UK community fell down when they removed the featured section. It was a shame because people had aimed for it, when the aim was removed the attitude of 'why am I doing this' came about for many. I've had my run ins with Youtube and Youtubers but I'm still around now, the reason I get so frustrated is because I've always known what Youtube could do and the people on it have so much potential. Myles Dyer does things like Stickaid and raises lots of money through the help of Youtubers. the RNLI targetted Youtube for good. Lots of things can be achieved look at the gatherings that take place in the UK hundreds of people gather for social reasons, people spend a lot of money to attend and share an experience.
People have questioned the project because they know it'll be a lot of work. A lot of work which I'm prepared to put in. The project has received 200 emails with suggestions and questions. I love that people care.

The people who have been featured this week are doing fantastic from it. Each of them are gaining subscribers everyday. Subscribers that would never have found them without GetFeaturedUK. I've spoken to more people in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last year.
I want people to be excited about a video idea. In 2008 I was featured for a video that meant a lot to me. I'd just got back from my first gathering, and having that rush of knowing someone appreciated what I did and cared enough to show others my work was the best feeling I've had from my Youtube experience.

99% of the feedback has been positive. There's been lots of questions that I intend to answer in video form as well things like. 'I'm from the US can I get featured' or 'I'm from the US can I be part of the panel' these questions are been asked everyday so I intend to answer them.

UK videos can be featured at the moment and only UK videos. Obviously in the future we would LOVE to make it a global project this depends upon success' of the project.

ANYONE can be on the panel young or old UK or US anyone. We want to get views from people that aren't just from the UK and aren't just in the tight nit UK Community.

I could say much more so I'll most likely blog again on this soon.

Thank you so much for the support its been so unexpected and so brilliant it surpassed all of my expectations.


If you've read this and have no idea what I'm talking about check out GetFeaturedUK here -

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