Monday, 19 July 2010

Back to college

So I'm about to leave for college for the first time in about 5 weeks its been a long half term break for me. With being at hospital for a week and then needing to recover for longer than was initially thought.

I'm pretty nervous =/

Not because I'll be seeing people for the first time in ages, but because I'm not sure how my body going to cope with walking around etc. I'm sure if I just pace myself I'll be fine but yeah tricky business, I'm not totally sure that this week will be worth while and I'll get much out of it. It'll be quite strange though because within myself I've changed my approach to the way I behave because I've had to and I've no idea if that'll apply to college as well or whether I'll be how I always was. I think I'm expecting myself to be quite reserved so I don't exert my chest to much.

I think I'll be OK but I just think its going to be odd.


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