Monday, 25 January 2010


Here we go, if you follow this blog then lucky you, you'll still get a slice of Ben.

I might blog more actually, because I don't feel tied down by other things I've got more freedom to do this and say what I feel about anything.
All you have to remember is this, I'm writing this blog not as DoctorBenjy or Benjy but as Ben.

Will I talk about Youtube? Unless its brought up in mainstream news and i've an opinion about it no.
People are wondering 'why haven't you just deleted everything'
Twitter - I don't know, I've got a new account and for some reason don't really want to delete the old one. It might be nice to look over all the things I have ever tweeted in like a year or something.
Youtube - There is literally only one reason I've not deleted it. I was featured in August 2008 and dedicated the video to my Grandpa. That is why I can't bring myself to delete it, if that never happened. It'd be gone.
Facebook - As harsh as it sounds I got rid of all of the people I knew just through the internet but it's not deleted because I have real life friends that I obviously keep contact with.
Skype - I got a new skype.
Formspring - Has been disabled, You can't delete this either apparently
MSN - Same as Facebook.

Im guessing that the people that will read this are pretty loyal to me personally and don't really care about the whole video making thing so in that case i'll give out the link to my new twitter.
I left the twitter that held me to the internet world I have a new one which doesn't do that.
Its private but if you follow me i'll accept

I guess thats all, I'm doing ok.
I think I know because I am not linking this to 700 people that I don't feel almost censored. And I never said I was getting rid of the blog anyway. Plus I have a linked blog to this which is my Media A Level stuff so I can't really delete it.


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Josie said...

I am glad that you have not gone from the internet completely.