Wednesday, 24 June 2009

June 24th and I'm in a shoddy mood

So I'm having one of those 'im going to delete my youtube account' sort of moods.

Tonight im doing blogtv and most likely announce that it'll be my last one until August, so all the pea's will be there and it'll be really good fun! I hope...

But Ill post another video soon on my channel and then nothing til August, im just going to take a break from it all. I'll still be on skype to talk to and things like that but it's not that I feel overloaded by Youtube because I don't I have taken a big step away from it this year. Although I've enjoyed it loads this year gaining a 1000 subscribers, going to the gathering and all sorts was really good. I dont want this blog to become a sob story because its not but if one more person says 'You think your a Youtube celebrity but your not' im going to go mad. There is no such thing as a Youtube Celebrity they do not exist, what makes me a Youtube celebrity? The fact I go on blogtv alot and ask people to come along and chat? That I made a video rapping about the Youtube community and wanted it to do well? Im sorry if you think i'm a Youtube celebrity because your deluded.

I enjoy interacting with lots of people getting to know new people entertaining them in what ever way I can.
Its nothing to do with 'becoming famous'

So to sum up:
Last blogtv until August tonight
My next video will be my last until August

Anyway i've got to go reply to fan mail from all my Youtube fans, I might not reply as theres so many so dont be disappointed!

Finally if you have a problem with me, can you just tell me rather than just talk about me?


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I'll miss ya Ben :(