Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I must blog more.

I predict Ive had that as a title for a blog before but I really should, I did go through a phase when I did it a lot and getting things out in the open does help with things but I guess recently I've not needed this as an output as everything has just been going really well.
But for those of you that read this you must care a little to what I have to say, so I might as well let you know.
I've done all my first year exams, in fact I finished last Friday and it feels good actually, having got that year which to be honest was very up and down out of the way. I'm back at college now which to be honest is good, Elly not really enjoying it already as all of a sudden I have gone from having 3 free blocks to 12, which means that obviously I'm not at college as much which consequently means I wont see her as much but we'll work round it. I'm currently only studying 2 subjects (Media and PE) that both have projects that interest me so it should be good fun. College is still a bit weird for me all of the 2ND years have left now (the year I was in at school) so a lot of friends have moved on to work or high education and University so for me more than most college feels quite empty. I just hope that me been this positive about work and college carries on into next year and I don't let the summer drain me. A year ago today I was a TOTALLY different person with things being so far away from what they are now its surreal for me. I have to say I love my life right now, everything good, obviously there are a few things that could change to improve it but I reckon that they'll come in time.

Moving onto the Interwebs.. Youtube is looking really positive my subscribers go up everyday by about 5 which is steady progress for me, which I like. It's weird that I value Youtube alot more now that I've taken a step back from it, I used to be to involved and you get caught up and burn out but looking at everything from a distance is fun. I've got a video to film tomorrow which will be really satisfying to make as I've always wanted to do something like it and well finally I am with a little help from a friend!

I WILL blog more I promise.


P.S. If you do read my blog can you just comment to let me know, not because I want to know who reads but because I have no idea how many people do! Thank you folks :)


BethPorter10 said...

I stalk your blog
and by your blog I mean you.

Anonymous said...

I read your writings, I have actual comments to make, its funny how you say about all the people who you went to school with having left, I am starting college in September and I will be in a class of 16-17 year olds, that is going to be weird!

On the YouTube side of it, you know I see your point, I think I get really involved with it, too much emotion and energy is spent by me, then I go a bit mad, upset some people and disappear for a bit... maybe I should just step back and ride with it?

Cara62442 said...

I readreadread your writings, it's good to hear how well you're getting on :)

CheekTV said...

I think I might try your cunning scheme of looking at YouTube from a far. It worked for me before the Tibbils gathering and it's worked, having rest this past week. Sound advice from Youtube's Doctor x

Josie said...

Uhm yeah, I read your blog :)

Jonny[iswhatweaimfor] said...

get tumblr instead ;]
you know you wanna...