Thursday, 28 November 2013

Who Is Ben Carr?

Hi there,

If you've never been here before this is my blog! I used it a few years ago quite frequently but back then it was down to having a moan about anything and everything and needing a place to put those feelings.

I've been pondering over the last couple of days to whether I can be interesting enough so that people keep wanting to come back to read what I've got to say. I feel like the best thing to do is tell you about me, because although you know a version of me, in this blog I'm sure you'll find out more about me than you even desired.

I guess I'll start with the basics. I'm Ben, born Benjamin but I've never been called that, I do though get called Benjy by the people on the internet (my own fault), although nobody in real life calls me that, not a soul, you might wonder then while I tagged myself as Benjy then. Well at long last the secret is revealed! My Dad (Alan Carr, no, really) used to call me Benjy-Boo-Baa when I was little, and well Ben is quite common so most internet based sign ins are taken, Benjy though, always available. Not an exciting story is it.

I'm currently 23 but I suspect that'll change in the future, which is fucking scary because I don't feel nearly as responsible as I thought I would be when 23. I've been in a FIVE year relationship with a lovely lady called Elly, some of you may know her. We met at college and it's been on going since then, it's pretty great.
For work I dabble in stuff that doesn't ever feel consistent or secure but gives me flexibility to kinda do as I please, I write for various football writing sites mainly about my team, Liverpool, as well as that I've recently started taking a lot of interest in the statistical side of football and provide data for those that collect it. Quite pain staking at times but it's pretty fun looking at a different side of the game I love.

Where you might know me from?
Some of course will be from Youtube, that will probably be the majority. I've made videos on the site on and more recently off for the past 6 years. Mental.

You may well know me from my writing or Liverpool podcasts I've done in the past and you've hung around, or more recently I've been doing a football/football manager podcast that's been doing really well with my friend Jack/WorkTheSpace.

Another place you might know me from is real life, and this is the most interesting to me, because I've been surrounded by the internet on the regular since I left school really it's still weird for me to see people from school use for example twitter, I remember when everyone got it and I was pretty smug with a 'I was here first' face. I do like still having that connection with people I know in reality though, it makes the internet seem more real, and that's a good thing.

On this point, I've created a little poll which I'd love for you to go and do, it's basically telling me how you know me, don't worry it's just a couple of clicks, it also lets me know how many people are reading :)

THE POLL (Click it)

I think I'll leave it there, I'll be doing these daily on a variety of topics so if you've enjoyed this one please come back!

Ben/Benjy/But not Benjamin.

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