Friday, 29 November 2013

We don't choose our news.

Hi Gang,

Yes I've called the readers of this blog 'a gang', I doubt that's a very accurate description of my so far 'regular' readers, I do though know that over 100 of you read my last blog, so thanks a bundle!

I thought I'd drive off road for this blog. I'm going to tackle the news and how it's been pretty dire to read recently.
2012 was a very happy year wasn't it? Everyone was excited about Royal business or the Olympics being in London, life was pretty good in England, even the weather was nice!

2013 rolled road though didn't it, typical, I've gotta be honest and say I was expecting it. This years news has been so depressing, I've always felt that the media don't do enough to promote positive news, genuinely, I feel it's because people aren't too quick to push the success' of young people because of a fear that we'll blow up a school or knife a boy of different race the next week. BUT a great deal of cool stuff that goes on in this world is done by a younger generation, which to me is only natural and not at all a slant at the elders among us. It's just we've grown up with the world wide web, a source of information unlike any other, vast, frequent, instant and potentially vile. The media, especially in England tend to put a dampener on success, I don't mean that they shoot down excellence, I mean that they've made the decision for people reading or watching that a negative story is more interesting. Is that true? Is that a fair representation of what goes on?

Why do we allow it? Well simply, we have no choice, we're fed stories of child abuse, rape and murder, not because it's what we want to hear but because corporations have made the 'informed' decisions that it's what 'sells'. It's as if we've been trained to accept these awful things simply because of just how common they are. We aren't sat around shocked and appalled by the incidents that sicken us, we think, 'yeah, why int I surprised'.

I hate it, I hate that we're now numb to terrible things happening, it's NOT because it's happening all day every day (at least I'd fucking hope not) - it's that the mainstream media feed us these stories day in day out. I understand that some people are interested and potentially it raises awareness to prevent it in the future but I'd much rather find out that someone who's 15 has found a cure for a terrible illness, it does happen! If you've ever seen any video conferences via you'll know that people are coming up with ideas and theories to problems everyday. People are made to feel scared not inspired and I sit here thinking more could be done. I wish the news were forced to headline a positive idea everyday, it'd be great.

Something different, feel free to leave a comment in the section below, I'd love see what other people think about this :)

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