Thursday, 2 December 2010

Good Afternoon,

I have one of those Thursdays lunchtimes where I literally have NOTHING to do. It does give me a perfect opportunity to blog to my hearts content, I tend to write this really quickly though as it gets my full attention.

I might do a video called 'Shaving' tomorrow, I started to claim that I didn't shave in November because of  Movember (rasing awareness for a cancer charity) The truth is I'm to lazy to shave and it just grows.

I might make video of my shaving while telling little tales of whats been going on and reveal at long last that I'm going to actually make a thing of my channel. I'm going to do a cross between Harry Hill's TV Burp and Russell Howards Good News. One because I think it'll be nice to have a purpose to the channel and secondly I think my comedy works best when I can bounce of current affairs. Who knows maybe one day it'll actually be watchable. I won't have a format as such, well actually I might I'm undecided.
But I might do one on Monday one on Friday and my LoveHate videos, tricky tricky tricky.

.. are such odd days. I get a little bit of a lay in untill about 9.20 then I get up, play badminton for an hour, then have a 15 minute break of nothing, Film Studies which varies from watching a film or recapping the film we just watched, it's a pretty fun but frightening experience to say the least. Then I have 1 hour 40 minutes to do what I'm doing now and get all my email up to date. Then a lesson of theory P.E. People often look at PE as a doss subject I'll tell you know its twice as hard as my other A Levels, you've never seen so much theory in your life I tell you! Then I have 3 hours to have dinner record and upload my lovehate video, then I have to be ready for football for 7.30, get home for half 9 and the day is done. Its a mix of busy and bored.

Coming up is the Festive Gathering a gathering that I did enjoy last year I had a blast with Tom Bacon, Ellie Calder, James Seago, Jack and Dean. As well as seeing lots of friendly faces throughout the day.
I've not been to a gathering since, I came back from holiday the day of Summer in the City and it was just after my time in hospital so avoided that one and didn't go to any before that because of time and money I imagine. I'm seriously contemplating going to this one though, I have said that if I go to another gathering it'll hopefully be one run by TheLoveHateSociety because we did one nearly 2 years ago and I loved it! I feel a little out of the gathering loop so going to one in 10 days I think I'll feel like a bit of a stranger, those who've taken Youtube breaks will know that when you come back its really hard to get back into the swing of it all. I don't want to go and be by myself all day, it'd be a waste in many sense of the word.

College is still a bit of a struggle to be motivated for, I've not really got much to do, I take 2 subjects that I'm getting on alright with but I still feel I'm there because I have to be not because I want to be. May can't come soon enough, then it'll be another chapter of my life done. I'm sure I've mentioned the difficulty of being older than the vast majority of everyone else, it's still the case but it's getting easier I suppose.

Other stuff
I've recently embarked on a website design course, I say design it basically classes to teach you HTML and beyond, it really depends on your progress. I'm glad I'm doing it though it just another string to the bow, and having lessons at night at a different college sitting next to my Dad is quite an odd situation. I'm hoping to develop something egotistical like but also set up or something like that to aid that project. GetFeaturedGlobal is being announced one Monday (and now on my blog it seems) but I suppose when you're in charge you can do what you like! Gary and Jack have officially left the project, it's been an honour to spend so much time on it with them over the last few months, and I was very sad to see the both depart, but times change and you need to evolve to make things work for the better. I now have 2 teams of 3 on GetFeaturedUK and Global, it's nice to have it all sorted and both teams are gelling really well, obviously some people are baffled by the new system, a system that was explained in a video, but I'm going to make a video on Monday address these 'issues' and announcing GetFeaturedGlobal on GetFeaturedUK. Lets hope people recognise me!

Whey I've killed an hour of time and got lots of things out in the open, thanks for reading all 888 words ok its 892 now, this could go on to be honest.


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