Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Video October

So Video October, whats it's all about I imagine I hear you cry..OK maybe a squeal?

It's very obvious to what it is really, its like the October version of VEDA but I'm not going to be a cliche and call it VEDO. I'm making a video everyday of October

The reaction most people have given it is... well that's exciting BUT some have said and this shows the faith my girlfriend has in me.. 'you won't do it.'

I seem to have created this Internet reputation of someone that doesn't follow things through, which to me is quite odd though I do play on the gimmick a lot of don't involve me I might quit half way through. In reality and can't let things go and I work fucking hard a lot of the time to follow something up or make it work, the problem I have is that I'm quite impatient, I like things to be done instantly and if that can't be the case then I at least want to know whats going on.. I like a plan and I like things organised. Jack and Gary have learnt from GetFeaturedUK that I'm like that Elly has had 2 years to get used to it and I don't think my Mum and Dad really 'get it'. I want to work hard at 'Video October' I'm also going to blog about each video as well.. so as the video processes and uploads I'll write a blog to link people to.

For most people making a video is quite straight forward, sadly its not that easy for me and it's quite time consuming.
I record the footage on my nice camera,
then I have to transfer the tape to a machine that records the footage into Windows Movie Maker, I then either edit it and save it  or just save it. Then I have to transfer the raw footage to my laptop so, by either sending it over MSN or Sendspace so I can edit it on Sony Vegas so I can make it look good in wide screen (so not to be a Youtube outcast) and render it and then finally upload it to Youtube, the whole process can take an hour at the least but generally takes 2 hours or more to get a video to you people.
So the plan is to film the video after college everyday, whether that be a rant or a vlog or a little sketch the video will HAVE to be of good quality. The only thing that actually concerns me, isn't time or will power to make the videos but IDEAS. Anyone that makes videos knows that the idea is the hardest thing to come by, so these videos are likely to be very spontaneously recorded. Should be fun.

I'll post the video on here as well so you can just come here to watch it or just be subscribed to my Youtube account, if you found this blog and just follow me on Twitter then I make videos here <-- click it and it will take you directly to my Youtube channel.

Yes so starting on Friday a video a day from me, I hope you enjoy it!

Also I've just thought this will be a good resource to do video responses etc I've a few planned actually.

Thanks for reading


Sidenote. On a low point this has only taken me 10 minutes to write and I've 40 minutes to now kill at college. BOO.

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