Monday, 28 June 2010

The Exciting Project

You might by now be getting sick of me saying, 'THE EXCITING PROJECT.' Well soon that shall come to an end. I'm planning to reveal it tomorrow in video form. I did an audioboo on it which you can find here.

It underlines the basics so its work checking out before reading on.

If your part of the Youtube community and you're reading this. LISTEN UP.

I really really really really really want to push this and make it work. I'm extremely enthusiastic about it think it has the potential to really inspire people to make videos again!
BUT crucially I NEED YOUR HELP. This isn't something I can't achieve on my own, I need everyone with a twitter account, tumblr account and most importantly a Youtube account just to mention it and talk about it. Even if its just 10 seconds at the end of your video, what's 10 seconds to you?

If you have a decent subscriber base, remember what it was like getting a subscribers rarely? Then when you suddenly have a massive jump? Exciting wasn't it, a great feeling knowing that people appreciated and loved what you had to do or say. I want more people to have that feeling!

Whether you do as much as a video response or as little as a couple of retweets. GET INVOLVED!! please I can't ask enough.

The video will go up tomorrow and project - GET FEATURED UK will launch.

Thank you very much for reading


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thestig888 said...

YAYY SO xcited for the new vid of project getfeatured uk :D