Wednesday, 29 July 2009


It's not actually that important as a day, I've not actually got much going on.
I did say I was going to blog about my holiday, but I might use it for a video so I won't reveal it now :D

I've set myself the challenge of getting 2000 subscribers by September so to help me do that I'm going to put up 2 videos a week only if I think the quality is good enough though, and the 3 Ive already wrote up are alright, and I've got 2 more ready to write as well actually no 3, yes I could have gone back and re typed that. :(

So Spain was good, really good, it was so hot though, the hottest day was 42 degrees C so it was a bit of a shock to come home to 16 lol.
We flew to Malaga which takes about 2 and a half hours, both flights there and back were OK. We went all around the Costa Del Sol which was cool, Feunguriola (I cant spell that), Mijas which was close to where we were staying, Purto Beunis, Rhonda and Gibraltar which was stunning, ill put some pictures on Facebook of the views and some monkeys!

I got sunburn on the first night, then developed a sore throat and a cold which was great :D I became grumpy but it didn't really spoil things, I just couldn't lie down and wearing t shirts really hurt lol Its finally today all healed :D
It was my first holiday with Elly which made it really special aswell :D im pretty sure it wont be the last :)

So to sum up expect to see lots more of me on Youtubes im still technically on a break lol

Speak sooooon

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