Monday, 18 May 2009


Someone people loath it some love it, im sort of in the middle, sometimes it can be really boring, watching someone for hours doing nothing..just waiting for something to happen. Some people prefer stickam, although Blogtv is so much more user friendly and faster, I used to find stickam so slow and lag was just common.

But last night I did about a 2 hour show on blogtv, I say show I NEVER plan anything just sit and chat and get idea's as they come to me, I don't really want to just sit there and ramble after all I want people to see a different side of me when doing it a more real side compared to the performance I put on in videos, which people that know me don't really understand and people that don't just think im always like that, but on blogtv im just myself!

Last night was great though my favourite show ive done ever, if you missed it, it consisted of...

Lex drunk.. she wasn't but it certainly seemed that way
Been rung 6 times and once
Trying to hang myself with an England scarf while Lex took over.. only for mother to walk in and just have the biggest look of distain possible on her face.
Playing headbandz with 40 people was amazing
Finding each other on which was painful and got boring as time went on but was fun at times :)
Talking to subscribers and friends for ages just about life in general
Discovering Elly was in the room :)

I just try to make it fun, and try to get people to ignore the fact they are wasting their time watching me :P

So if you were there last night THANK YOU, you made it very enjoyable.
And if you weren't then be there next time


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