Sunday, 17 May 2009


I really wish that i'd do it more, there was a time last year where I could do it so easily everyday just write about my day just getting things out in the open it was nice actually just unloading things I had on my mind onto here, not caring who read it or what people thought of it.
But I don't know I, look at my blog everyday just to check my blogroll and just think that I have so much in my head I could ramble about but just have the view of I can't be bothered.
I just dont think people would care, like this blog to be honest it's utterly pointless but just feel that I wanted to blog about something.

Like every blog ill decend into Youtubeness now,
So im doing well as far as people subscribing is concerned. in March and April i gained 100 subscribers in each month and i'd just like to keep that up to be honest, something I really enjoy doing although I often get back logged on it, is saying thank you to everyone that subscribes. I just like doing it and i not sure why, the reason I do it is because if people have the time to subscribe to me, I should have the time to say thanks. I'll always do it even if I ended up with 50,000 subscribers or whatever i'd still do it.
I was talking to a Youtuber recently actually and they said 'I dont know why you havent got more subscribers'
I know exactly why because im not arrogant enough in videos or im not bitchy enough in them. Or im simply not goodlooking and for some reason that is a big factor lol.

Anyway im off now to revise for a PE exam that I have on Tuesday, and I wish my mum and dad would stop saying Study Leave isnt a holiday, believe me IT IS!


Tesni said...

You're my favourite youtuber :) and I love your blogtv shows

Anonymous said...

to be fair your actually one of the best personalities on YouTube and are the reason I have kept at it sometimes when I feel like 'what it is it really all for' then I see how far you have come and it makes sence again.