Monday, 14 June 2010

A reminder.


I've just uploaded a video called 'A reminder' which you most likely know because you've been directed here.

I didn't say everything I wanted to in the video because to be honest I was getting a little choked towards the end. I was in 2 minds whether to make the video or not, and without sounding cruel I've not really made it for my subscribers. I've made it for me, as a reminder.
So basically I had a clot in my lung which is still there and is been broken down by Warfarin tablets for 6 months until my system is immune to future clots and the current one has totally gone.
I've had a blood test this morning so they can send me the information for the next set of tablets for the coming week.
It's been a very stressful few weeks and months. For months I've had this going on but unaware to what 'this' was and for the past few weeks leading up to the eruption in my chest I've been scared to get it seen by anyone or have blood tests or anything that could prove something was wrong. I feel better now. Not 100% but everyday I get better. I can feel it.

The NHS are brilliant and I think I might make a separate video about them. I can't speak highly enough about them.

I just want to talk to a few people now, if you're scared about something happening in your body or life which you're are too scared to get sorted however small and pathetic you feel about it. Do something about it. I left it 3 months without seeing anyone through absolute fear. Within a week I felt a whole lot better through guidance, doctors and the care of nurses. People are around to help, so let them :)

If you want to e-mail me on the matter because you want somebody or maybe understands to talk to or you just want to email me for something totally unrelated, you can at

Thanks for taking an interest :)


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Josie said...

I can only imagine what a horrendous experience this must have been for you and your family. My brother got taken into hospital when he was 11 and had to have his appendix removed. Seeing him so weak yet trying to make an effort was awful however it, of course, was the best place for him.
I guess one cliched way to look at it, is that something positive has derived from this experience; that you want to make the most out of life.
I'm sure your family must be so relieved to have you back home and I really hope everything gets sorted out quickly xxx