Saturday, 5 June 2010


So the last week in no uncertain terms has changed my life, right now I'm not going to go into to much detail but I do want to share my story.

What I'll say now is that I spent the week in hospital recovering from something that happened last Saturday and has been building for the last 4 months unbeknown to me. I know how mysterious and egotistical of me not to reveal it now in hope that people will be worried. It's not its that. I want to tell people my own way in my own time but at the same time I wanted to post tonight because it'll mean I'm making progress.

I'm making a video tomorrow after I've been for my morning injections to tell my subscribers on Youtube about what happened. If they care then its nice to know they care, if they haven't really got a view or don't care, that's fine as well, without sounding selfish. Its about me, but I know it'll be easier with the support of people that have taken an interest in me for my comedy.
The main reason I'm going to blog about my time in hospital and make a video or two on the subject is to help keep a log of when things started to change so I can look back proudly all being well in the months to come. Also I think by telling 1000 people (a truer representation of my subscriber number although it currently reads 2390) I'm helping myself to keep on track with what I'm trying to achieve.

I know this is all very cryptic and tedious but like I say, its just the start.

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SuperGinge said...

Hope your ok Ben :( xxx