Friday, 23 April 2010

Telegraph 'How should I vote'

Its quite interesting that I came out UKIP.

I hadn't actually considered them until now. I'm still torn between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, I think I need one more debate :)

*I just checked the results including Cameron and his goons and the Tories were bottom of my poll thing.. there's a surprise.

If you want to try it out let me know what you get :)


Dom said...

Yeah, pretty much throws up some weird results. Think I had UKIP behind Lib Dems on that one. Had BNP second on one behind the Lib Dems.

I think it's pretty much any time you say immigation is out of control, they bump up the right wing match.

I too was struggling between Labour and Lib Dem, but I think I'll go Liberal. Things may be different if I were in a marginal but I guess my vote will be wasted anyway because I live in a Tory safe seat!

You should look at the results of the 2005 election and see who your vote would help most.

caliowin said...

46% Conservative
37% Liberal Democrats
30% Labour

The thing is I'm not a fan of David Cameron and although I'm not completely against the tories, I don't want to vote for them in this election.

I'm thinking Liberal but I still don't know. It's tricky to decide. In my university constituency its marginal Liberal/Labour, so I know my vote will make a difference. My home constituency is currently labour but I think the Conservatives will take it as our Labour MP has been dreadful and full of scandal. Not a liberal area, but you never know, will have to wait and see