Monday, 19 April 2010


In the time of the first General Election that I have been able to vote in there's something I'd like to discuss.

For years I've thought that schools should teach politics and now is a time where its as justified as any, because now thousands of young people with the option to vote either don't know why they should bother or have no idea which Party has which policies, to be quite honest its a mess. I've just had a lesson with my English class some of which has the chance to vote and the general opinion is 'Fuck Labour, Go Conservative.'
'Yeah cuz Gordon Brown fucked up the economy and expenses and shit, and Labour sent us to war'

America destroyed the Economy along with the help of Iceland.
the Conservatives were the main culprits with the expenses
and Tony Blair sent us to Iraq etc because at the time it was the right thing to do, now there are all these calls for us to pull out of Iraq. If you're having sex with a girl and then you pull out before the jobs completed, you know that you've let yourself down and the girl is fucked off with you. The same applies with the war.
Pull out now and the job we started won't be finished.

It's very easy to pick on someone that's done something, so of course Labour are an easy target for the blundering idiot David Cameron because they've done it. Part of me would love to see Cameron go in and fuck it up because I'm 90% sure he would.
I think the Lib Dem's would be a decent choice because I think they'd bring a fresh look onto the way the government is run.
Labour do (Despite what the media and Cameron and the critics say) know what they're doing.
It's a shame that the Tories and leading the polls recently but I don't think it'll last after Thursday.

Ideally I would love to see a hung Parliament between Labour and the Lib Dem's. Lib Dem's would be like the little brother of a family. The older brother Labour would control the main aspects of the country but will have a small injection of Lib Dem's fed into them which would be like a kick up the backside for Labour. Lib Dem have some good ideas, some admittedly unrealistic but all the same new different and somewhat radical idea's.
What do you think?


Dom said...

We think alike. I have always thought that Politics and Economics should be compulsory subjects at school instead of Science.

It's crazy that a subject so important isn't taught, subjects that will have a far bigger baring on everybodies lives than Science, which should be an option.

Politics and Economics are hugely complicated and even though I take an active interest in them, I am often confused by why things happen and what they mean, so it angers me greatly when people try to offer a knowing opinion about the state of politics, when they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about!

You are lucky, This is only my second election that I am eligable to vote in. Unfortunately the election in 2001 happened 3 months before I turned 18. So I had to wait till I was nearly 22 to vote for the first time in a general election.

I totally agree with you about Labour. It's easy to find fault with a government, particularly one that has been in power for 13 years. They are the ones who have ultimate responsibility for the bad things that happen and anything good that happens (i.e. introducing the minimum wage, lifting hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty, investment in an underfunded NHS, and doing lots to help people quit smoking) is often forgotten about.

Had we never gone to war, Tony Blair would still be Prime Minister and I am willing to bet, Labour would still be a fairly popular govermnent.

Anybody considering voting for the Tories is crazy in my book. David Cameron is trying to be Tony Blair (someone who people are supposedly fed up with) He used to be in PR. It's style over substance and yet people are falling for it because they don't take an interst in politics.

This year I am voting Liberal Democrats. It's an idealistic vote, because I really would love their vote to increase massively this election, so that people can really begin to see politics as a three party race. Labour and Tories (despite what they say) wont reform the voting system because it doesn't serve their interest to do so.

However, I am voting Liberal Democrats mainly because I am in a Tory safe seat and my voting for Labour really wouldn't affect the outcome. If I was in a marginal, I may stick to Labour. Lib Dems on the Island have the greatest chance of overturning the tory majority, however it is too large (12,000 I think) so at best, I am hoping that Liberals eat up their majority and next election can take the seat.

Interesting post. Although that sex analogy was a very dodgy one hehe.

Barry Aldridge said...

Interesting post Ben.

I think some things dont need to be learnt in school. I found out politics from my parents from a young age. I think I was 14 when Labour first came to power.

This would be my third election that I would vote.

I still have trouble in voting because of what has happened in parliament for the last few years. But who knows after that debate from last week that Clegg put in a great performance I may vote Lib Dems in the election but have to wait and see how the rest of the campigan goes.